Designer Skin® Stardom™

With starry eyes, endless dreams and a glow that belongs among the stars, the whole universe is yours.

It’s time to explore the unknown and encounter never seen before dark color! Designer Skin®’s 60X Bronzing Force™, with Dark Abyss Elixir™ and GlowGevity Complex™, ensures an out of this world bronze and infinite glow. Experience the magnitude of Sumptuous Silicone Blend and Stargaze Flawless Finish™ for a superior cosmic feel and perfected look. Take your bronze to a new galaxy… Stardom awaits!

Product Type:

  • 60X Bronzing Force™
  • Dark Abyss Elixir™ + GlowGevity Complex™
  • Sumptuous Silicone Blend with Stargaze Flawless Finish™
  • Fragrance: Mango Champagne


  • Stellar 60X Bronzing Force™—Designer Skin’s darkest and longest lasting combination of bronzing ingredients, with Dark Abyss Elixir™ for flawless extended color development lasting up to twice as long
  • GlowGevity Complex™—Draws moisture to skin to ensure a beaming glow
  • Sumptuous Silicone Blend—Has a luscious, light weight feel, with superior spreadability, to leave skin hydrated and exceptionally silky
  • Stargaze Flawless Finish™—Provides a look of perfection, helping to diffuse light for a softer, younger looking appearance

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