California Tan® complexION® Tan Extender

A sophisticated collection of complexion correcting tanning technologies that are specifically formulated to deliver more intense, longer-lasting color.

Indulge skin in extreme moisture with Cashmere Extract for a long-lasting, opulent glow. C2 Complex™ assists in improving skin tone and suppleness by supplying skin with enhanced flexibility and elasticity. Achieve longer-lasting, sophisticated color with ION Color Technology™. OxC Technology™ helps rejuvenate skin cells and provides skin with oxygen to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. CT-Protect™ helps preserve skin’s youthful appearance with nutrients that help soften and moisturize. Vitatan® provides skin with the vital nutrients and energy necessary to develop deeper color results.

Product Type:

  • Tan Extender Step 3
  • Fragrance: Sheer Escape


  • Moisturizers and Cashmere Extract—Enhances skin moisturization, resulting in a longer-lasting tan and healthy, glowing skin
  • C2 Complex™—Helps improve skin tone, suppleness and conditions with extreme moisturization
  • ION Color Technology™—Increases cell longevity while offering a more intense, faster acting and longer-lasting, natural dark hue
  • OxC Technology™—Promotes reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Vitatan®—Promotes and builds the ultimate golden color
  • CT-Protect™—Protects skin’s youthful appearance with nutrients and helps soften and moisturize

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