California Tan® Total Rx™ Relief Gel

Reward skin with intense hydration and tan boosting technologies for the ultimate total tan.

Refresh and Revitalize Skin with Cooling, Calming and Soothing Total Rx Relief Gel. Condition and soothe skin while delivering relief with ultra-hydrating Aloe Vera and Cucumber. Support skin recovery and minimize peeling with Calendula and Green Tea. Infuse stressed skin with calming, revitalizing nutrients with Goji Berry and Vitatan®. Ease discomfort of irritated, sensitive skin with Chamomile and Peppermint.

Product Type:

  • Step 3 Relief Gel
  • Fragrance: Waikiki Accord


  • Aloe Vera 200x—A super concentrate of Aloe Vera that delivers healing, soothing, and moisturizing effects to the skin.
  • Calendula—Contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to help heal and sooth irritated skin
  • Chamomile—Helps soothe and calm sensitive and irritated skin
  • Peppermint—Provides skin with a natural cooling sensation
  • Vitatan®—Promotes and builds the ultimate golden color

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