California Tan® Cýphêr® Platinum Black Optimizer Step 2

Unlock the Optimized Code to an Exquisite Dark Tan with Age-Defying Beauty

A true breakthrough in tanning technology that builds deep, dark, never-before-seen color by unlocking the proteins essential to the coloration of melanin with D-Cypher Complex.

  • Quinquagesimus [50] Bronzers & ColorCatalyst Complex deliver optimized instant and delayed color for a sexy dramatic dark tan
  • Achieve gorgeous, refined skin by addressing the 7 signs of aging with Platinum [78] Complex®
  • Help protect elastin and support collagen production with the advanced age defying code in Cell Speak Complex
  • CuO2® and TRF combine rich ingredients to optimize dark color results

Product Type:

  • Step 2 Optimizer
  • Fragrance Zesty Lime Verbena


  • Quinquagesimus [50] Bronzers—Combination of melanin activating peptides, oleus forskohlii extract, erythrulose, black walnut shell extract and DHA to provide optimal bronzing power
  • ColorCatalyst Complex—Advanced stimulation of melanin provides immediate and natural color to your skin
  • D-Cypher Complex—Build deeper, darker color by unlocking the proteins essential to the coloration of melanin
  • Cell Speak Complex®—Age-defying code that supports optimum skin rejuvenation
  • Platinum [78] Complex—A proprietary scientific blend that addresses all 7 signs of aging
  • CuO2® and TRF—Helps to further advance bronze color to a delectably dark state

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