Designer Skin® Prosper™

Is your energy being blocked by negative vibes and pale skin? Are you still searching for peace, balance and the perfect bronze?

Find serenity with this 9X Bronzer that will enliven and revitalize your glow. Prepare for inner harmony with this Golden Vitality blend to amplify dark color and charcoal to detoxify for a luminous transformation. It’s time to break through the negative barriers holding you down and transcend to a beautifully bronzed state of euphoria.

Product Type:

  • 9X Serenity Bronzer
  • Golden Vitality + Clarifying Charcoal
  • Fragrance: Spring Apple & Pear


  • Serenity 9X Bronzing Blend—Features DHA and Caramel to awaken your bronze potential
  • Golden Vitality—Contains a blend of melanin producing ingredients for a uniform, radiant glow
  • Clarifying Charcoal—Helps to detoxify and rid away skin impurities for an instant brightening effect
  • Spring Apple & Pear Fragrance—Revitalize senses and enhance energy with this bright fragrance

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