Designer Skin® Salacious™

The rumors are true… you’re the fiercest of them all! With ferocity as royal as yours, you need a regal glow to match.

Legacy can be yours with this 11X Bronzer, for dark color so scandalous it’s only fit for the superior. Release your inner ruler and demand unrivalled results with this magical Cream Oil Formula that will immerse skin in temptation. The gossip may be Salacious – but so is your glow. So straighten your crown and reign on!

Product Type:

  • 11X Tantalizing Bronzer
  • Magical Cream Oil Formula
  • Empowered Empress™ Elixir
  • Fragrance: Wild Berry & Plum


  • Magical Cream Oil Formula—Contains Passion Oil Blend for powerful moisturization and superior bronze results
  • Tantalizing 11X Bronzing Blend—Features DHA and Caramel for an immediate bronzing impact and gradual color development
  • Empowered Empress™ Elixir—Provides a blend of Rubies and Micronutrients that work to invigorate and leave skin feeling bold and looking radiant
  • Wild Berry & Plum Fragrance—Combines with ATO Inhibitors to leave you with a juicy, sultry scent after tanning

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