Level 5

UVA Light Fan MP3 Dock Contourred

  • Cool and Airy Hi-Pressure tanning at it's best
  • Total Hi-Pressure (UV-A) tanning tans deeper and lasts longer with less chance of burning and can be maintained with only 2-4 sessions per month
  • Many fairer skinned people who are not able to achieve results in a traditional tanning bed, have experienced success using hi-pressure tanning
  • 3 640-watt Hi-Pressure Facial Tanners (2 settings)
  • 27 580-watt Hi-Pressure Body Units
  • Multi Relax acrylic
  • New Fan Cooling Plus 2-system body and face ventilation (9 adjustable settings)
  • Stereo Sound MP3 connection
  • Headphone connection socket with channel selector and volume control
  • 12 minute relaxation time

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